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We are interested in making you an excellent team player in any work environment by implementing our educational model of taking you from zero to mid-level in the shortest possible time.

About The StartUP Intern

The greatest gift is the gift of skill and of people.

The Start-Up Intern aims to build skilful people who can operate and contribute positively to the business ecosystem- starting with the Tech industry.
We are not only focused on core technical skill areas but all the other areas that contribute to having a successful establishment.
Diligence, persistence and reliability are the hallmarks we are building in everyone who participates in any of our programs- whether Discovery or Refinery. You will be better for it.

The startup intern has two principal methods to take you from zero to mid-level experience in any focus area.


The Refinery Training Program

Once you have identified a focus area to build a career in, the refinery program takes you through activities that will enable you to have a rich working knowledge of tools, systems and best practices in your focus area.

What you will receive after the Refinery training Program:


Organization Assignment

Knowledge without application tends to be waste and redundancy. We are partnering with several organizations to provide valuable internship/working positions to successful participants of the refinery training program. This organization assignment period is strictly for one year at the partner organization that you’ll be assigned to. The one-year work experience will ensure that you build relevant working experience, the craftsmanship of your focus area, and contribute positively to a team. The startup intern will oversee that you are learning and participating in meaningful activities at your Organization Assignment.

What you will receive at your organization assignment:

Our Focus Areas

Begin the journey to building a career in any of these focus areas.

Come build for the web. Even if you don’t know how to, we will show you how. The best way how.

Learn how to work with logic and build RESTful APIs. Become the engineers engineer with this career path.

Master the art and science of pixel-perfect mobile apps with this career. Newbies are welcomed too.

Money makes the world spin and so does this career path. You will learn and be the go-to solutions person at any organisation.

Unleash the Picasso of web and mobile platforms within you with this career path. New stars shine here too.

Digital Marketing & Growth Career

This focus area is not currently available right now. If you are interested in this area, please send an email to [email protected]

Don't know which Career path to Choose? We got you covered...

If you are not convinced on what career path to focus on or what focus area to start? Join our discovery program to learn about all available career paths, and then you can choose what's best for you.

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Summary of Git and Github

Git is a version control tool used to keep track of projects. Git helps you maintain a detailed history of the project as well as the ability to work on different versions of it. Having a detailed history of a project is important because it lets you see the progress of the project over time. If needed, you can also jump back to any point in the project to recover data or files. While GitHub is a hosting platform for version control that lets us work on projects with anyone from anywhere.

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Version Control & Collaboration With Git & GitHub

Collaboration and contribution to projects are day to day activities of every programmer/software developer, it is the job. Every developer working in a team is assigned some issues/features that will make up a cool software application and are expected to solve problems, keep code versions/history, receive and share features from and to other developers.

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