Cutting your teeth as a Front End Developer? Here’s some guidance for you.

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It’s with great honour that I want to welcome you to one of the most in-demand tech career paths of this generation because if you are reading this, it means you have made up your mind to build a career in tech as a frontend developer. 

Let me share some stats to help you understand how awesome this career path is;

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, employment of Web developers in the US is projected to grow 27% from 2014 to 2024

According to Glassdoor, The national average salary for Front End Developers is $87,240 per year in the United States.

Frontend development is hot…

But, what exactly is front-end development?

Frontend development focuses on the part of software development that involves implementing product designs and user interfaces that the actual user will interact with. 

So basically, as a web frontend developer, you receive designs, and you implement those designs using web technologies and specifications. A front-end developer pays attention to details and makes sure that a product design is accurately developed to convey the same experience the product designer represented.

Now you know who is a frontend developer is, here are things to help you excel in The Startup Intern’s refinery program

How to prepare for The Startup Intern’s refinery program,

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Start with HTML

You need to have a good understanding of HTML. Check out these awesome tutorials on HTML 


  1. HTML
  2. HTML Table
  3. HTML Form
  4. HTML Frame


  1. HTML Tutorial


CSS helps you have a good command of the designs and looks of your websites. 


  1. Learn CSS


  1. Learn CSS

CSS Preprocessors

  1. Learn LESS – Tutorial Point
  2. Learn SASS – W3School

CSS Framework


  1. W3School Bootstrap
  2. Tutorial Republic


  1. Tailwind CSS Crash Course
  2. Tailwind CSS tutorial


JavaScript is at the heart of most web frontend development technologies. So a good understanding of javascript will determine how good a developer you are eventually.

You can check out Scrimba to learn Javascript

  1. Learn JavaScript for Free 

We expect you to take out 1 week to focus on these preliminary courses from top to bottom as they will better prepare you for your startup career journey. 

Remember, The Startup Intern is rooting for you! 

See you in The Startup Intern’s refinery program. 

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