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tech discovery program

Get to know what tech career path is for you.

The tech industry is so exciting however you are unsure of what area suits you. We thought about that too and created room for you. With the discovery program, you will be guided through all available career paths in our Refinery Program. At the end of the Discovery program, you would be able to make a clear decision on what areas you want to build a career in and what you’ll require to thrive in that career path.

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program covers

Discovery Modules

1. UI/UX and Product design discovery

2. Frontend development discovery

3. Backend development discovery

4. DevOps Discovery

5. Mobile App Development Discovery

6. Business Development discovery

In simple steps

how it works

Step 1

Complete your application for the program.

Step 2

Get added to the discovery slack channel for questions and to the Learning Management System for your Tasks

Step 3

Completes all tasks, get’s a report and recommendation document.


Frequently Asked Questions


There are two programs, the refinery and the discovery program. The refinery program lasts for a maximum of 3months while the discovery lasts for a maximum of 6months. However, you can complete any of the programs earlier than stated if you are able to successfully complete all your assignments quickly.

The refinery program is specifically for people who are sure of a particular focus area they want to build a career on.

The discovery program is targeted at people who are not sure of a particular area to build a career in and would love to experience available focus areas before deciding on a career path.

The cost for the discovery program is 75,900 while that of the refinery program is 42,900

No. A candidate can only have one focus area in the refinery program.

Yes. Paid internships are guaranteed for candidates who complete their refinery program on schedule. The duration of the internship is 1 year. The pay is a stipend for the duration of your internship and it is at least NGN 40,000/month.

You need a computer with an internet connection and dedicated time for the program’s tasks and activities.

Yes, you can apply only to learn if you don’t want an internship.

The preparatory(refinery and discovery)  training is remote. Organisation’s assignment can be remote or onsite or both depending on the organisation you will be interning at.

After the discovery program, you should have an understanding of various areas in the tech ecosystem and can make an informed decision about the focus area you want to build a career on. 

After the refinery program, you will have a good practical knowledge of the focus area in readiness to build work experiences in that career path through an internship.

After your internship, you will have collated a thriving working experience in your focus area with a robust portfolio. You can also easily continue with your Internship organisation as a full staff or get work anywhere else with ease.

The enrollment fee is a one-time fee. Once you have paid it you are allowed to access to the LMS and all the other learning channels.

If you don’t finish your training within the time limits (3months for Refinery and 6months for Discovery), you will be required to pay for any extra time that you spend on the course.

NGN 75,900

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